EQing without using a EQ.

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This week, before you reach for that parametric EQ on your console, try moving your mic. The slightest move could make the world of difference. On your drums, point the mic closer to the center of the drum for more attack and point it toward the outer rim for more ring. You don’t want to much of either. All vocalist hold their mic different, this week try to talk to them about good technique. Look back on the previous post “Musician VS. Sound Man”. Learn to communicate with them. All they know is what habits they have created. Find your happy medium.

~Remember Why You Do What You Do~



Musician VS. Sound Man

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For years and years I have seen sound men and musicians bicker. “your tone sucks”, “your mix sucks”, “is it to much to ask for you guys to play in the same key”, “your kick drum sounds like a piece of cardboard”, “I can’t hear”, “I need more reverb”, “could you please try to tune your guitar” Well who is wrong and who is right?

Sound man, Trust me I will generally side with you, because I have been the one getting stuff thrown at me during a show. But its time to step up and learn to communicate with your Artist or Worship Leaders. Usually you will have to dig deep into them to figure out what they are trying say. Don’t be afraid to step out on the stage to listen to what they might be hearing. It is our job to provide the best sound environment possible. Also help your Artist or Worship Leader to learn the lingo to help you understand better. Remember, most guys only understand how to play and do not understand what exactly we do. When something goes wrong, do not shy around the situation, fix it and keep your musicians in the “know”. Also never lose your cool. Make sure you let your band know when they sound great. They need your reassurance. Your job is as important as theirs.

Musician, We may be limited to what we have to work with. I am sorry that this room does not sound like the acoustic treated studio that you are used to working in. Lets figure out what would be the best solution to help each other. I understand that your amp sounds best at a certain volume, but it is over powering everything. How can we solve this together? Be patient, I am dealing with everyone on stage, not just you. Teach me how would be best to communicate with you. Also please remember we are using lots of different pieces of gear and connecting them together, things happen that are not always explainable. Please don’t be afraid to step up and ask if you need something, we will not bite, well at least we shouldn’t. The job of a sound man is just as important as yours. A “Thank You” every once and a while could really go a long way.

Obviously, the key to everyone wining is communication. This week step back and look at your approach to how you work with one another. Don’t forget why you do what you do. Help each other out. Without one another, your service, concert or event would be pretty boring.


Liam Preston Lammons

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Liam Preston Lammons
7/22/09 12:34am
6lbs 4oz
19″ Long







“We’re Almost There” by Richie McDonald

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This is our captive audience on Southwest. A few years ago on a flight home for New Orleans Richie met a flight attendant that sang on the flights. He asked her “you must really love your job,” her answer was “how hard can it be to serve cokes and peanuts.” So this really got Richie thinking about how much fun these people at Southwest Airlines have and decided he would join in on the fun. Since then every flight that we fly with southwest you can hear Richie singing. We have also had the opportunity to visit the Southwest headquarters to perform for the staff and also he has been on the cover of Southwest On Board magazine. Most of all we have had the chance to really make some great new friends with Southwest.


I am ready to get some things done!!

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This picture has really got me pumped and ready to get this nursery up and going!!!

Telling the In-Laws its a Boy!!

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Its a Boy!!

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